"I am here on this earth to create. Not only create, but express the beauty I see around me. I feel responsible to render it. I cannot help it. I see the beauty. I am compelled to show it, to interpret what I see and how I see it; to express the warm light from a lamp that enthralls me, the coziness and clutter of a room with all that one person has accumulated over the years, the glint on the edge of a cup, the distortion that only age can render on a rooftop that is now that way because of centuries of wear and tear. What does it matter? It matters not to many… But somehow it matters to me.

This is what obsesses me, what I dwell on, what excites me, what I lay awake thinking of, it’s what I find beautiful. Not the fact that something is perfect, straight; but that it endures with personality and uniqueness. Nature is much more expressive, random, unique, than anything man can construct. The lines of a horse running her heart out, the repeating and exquisite glint of the sun setting on the water, the colors of a room warmed by the glow of a lamp or a fire, how sunlight touches and enhances, the eyes of a cheetah, so steady and concentrated. And the individuality: the difference age has made, how it has created the crookedness of a European rooftop sagging with age. It interests me not the perfection man has made, but the imperfections time and age have wrought on the human touch. I am obsessed."

~ Alice Williams