I am bewitched by the beauty around me; I want to record it.

Anderson Fine Art Gallery Beach Scene in Turkey Square23.88 x 23.88 in Anderson Fine Art Gallery.. Product #: 1615

Beach Scene in Turkey

Status: Anderson Fine Art Gallery
Painting Number: 1615

Price: $3,700

While visiting Istanbul one summer, our hosts shared a beautiful and popular locals' beach spot. We took a three hour hydroplane ferry boat that took us into the middle of the sea of Marmara. Wow! What a contrast it was between the traditions of Istanbul to people sunbathing like everywhere else in the world.

While my eyes were taking in the blue sea and all the happy people, it was accompanied by a melody of many languages. My ears were seeking English or French, which I never heard.  

About This Painting
Medium Oil on Canvas
Orientation Square
Size (inches) 23.88 x 23.88