I am bewitched by the beauty around me; I want to record it.

Alice's Atlanta Studio The Board Meeting Horizontal37.88 x 63 in96.2 x 160.02 cm Alice's Atlanta Studio.. Product #: 1724

The Board Meeting

Status: Alice's Atlanta Studio
Painting Number: 1724

Price: $9,500

One of my favorite paintings of this year, and as I love to paint these beautiful animals, I really enjoyed creating these horses.

As all the canvases are in centimeters here in France, I bought a bigger canvases and marked it off with the purpose of giving me an American size. Whoa! So many times in the process of creating, wonderful surprises happen. And with this border, a sort of window happened which enhanced the whole painting. So instead of cutting it off, I’m keeping it.

About This Painting
Medium Oil on Canvas
Orientation Horizontal
Size (inches) 37.88 x 63
Size (centimeters) 96.2 x 160.02