I am bewitched by the beauty around me; I want to record it.

Meghan Candler Gallery Dinner in Paris Horizontal19.69 x 24.01 in50 x 61 cm Meghan Candler Gallery.. Product #: 1595

Dinner in Paris

Status: Meghan Candler Gallery
Painting Number: 1595

Price: $3,400

We lived in Paris in the late eighties for two years and loved every minute of it. Enjoying the fresh food market only a few blocks away, being within walking distance of all the iconic sights so familiar to the world from our apartment, and the ability to eat in some of the most beautiful (and delicious) restaurants in Paris made our sojourn there magical.

About This Painting
Medium Oil on Canvas
Orientation Horizontal
Size (inches) 19.69 x 24.01
Size (centimeters) 50 x 61