I am bewitched by the beauty around me; I want to record it.

Sold Paintings Red and Orange Stripes Horizontal30 x 40 in Sold.. Product #: 1280

Red and Orange Stripes

Status: Sold Paintings
Painting Number: 1280

This painting was a demonstration I did for painting still lifes in an Eileen Corse workshop in Jacksonville, Florida.

When painting a still life it is important to have a strong light on the subjects to create interesting shadows and strong highlights. Sometimes I include a lamp in the painting just to show where the light is coming from.

Also, I love stripes… so I set this demonstration up with two striped fabrics but, to make it more interesting I had them running diagonally from each other.

About This Painting
Medium Oil on Canvas
Orientation Horizontal
Size (inches) 30 x 40