US Workshops – Sept 2023

Alice is coming back to the states, and will be offering two workshops in September in Atlanta and Greenville.

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A Paris Getaway

Alice spent five wonderful days in Paris with friends. Read her adventures here…

A Partnership Made in Art

We are excited to announce Alice Williams’ Special Release Series!

Twice a year Alice will be releasing a special collection of pieces she’s curated for her followers, students, and collectors.

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Ils Maurice

So, life is good. For four weeks, we vacationed on the island of Mauritius (or in French, Ils Maurice). 2400 kilometers (or 1500 miles) off the east coast of South Africa, 20 degrees below the equator, 3 degrees above the tropic of Capricorn (which is the most southerly point at which the sun is directly […]

…picking olives! What fun.

November is the start of the season here in Provence. From November through January, anyone who has olive orchards are busy picking! So, if you are lucky enough to have a beautiful orchard of olive trees to enjoy all year around, you are now obligated to pick them! Not to mention the delight of having […]

Latest Garden Commission – Provence

Several months ago, I was hired by a charming Irish couple newly arrived in Lourmarin to design their garden. They had seen our garden here and liked it. And as they don’t live here in Provence year around, I was asked not only to design it but implement it. It’s a small garden right on […]

A story of my friend Damion

Saturday, the 12thof January, 2013 was a cold, damp evening in Lourmarin. If we had not been invited to dinner, we probably would have snuggled in with a fire and a good book or the next episode of Downton Abbey. But no fire or good book or even Downton Abbey could ever equal the evening […]

Oh… to live in Provence

This was my dream. Having visited our good friend, Caline de Gasquet, in Aix en Provence for many years, every time I was there, I wanted to stay. My mantra to my husband Don was, ”Why do we live in Atlanta, Georgia? Tell me why?” When we could live where the sunlight is strong and […]