I am bewitched by the beauty around me; I want to record it.

We're Watching You

Oil on Canvas | 34.88x45.38 in. - On my five different trips to Kenya, I tried to capture the zebras face to face on...

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Our Garden from the Cottage

Oil on Canvas | 23.88 x 19.75 in. - In our paradise here, we have a parterre between the main house and...

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L’Etudie en Bleue

Oil on Canvas | 34.5 x 45 in. - There are some scenes here in Provence that I keep going back to for inspiration and...

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Beach Scene in Turkey

Oil on Canvas | 23.88 x 23.88 in. - While visiting Istanbul one summer, our hosts shared a beautiful and popular...

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Lovely Lavender

Oil on Board | 12 x 12 in. - Living in the Luberon valley where there is a plethora of vineyards and...

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Juanita's Platter

Oil on Canvas | 24 x 25.25 in. - In the past I bought many of Juanita Curran’s pottery - fanciful, and always full of...

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The Charm of Cassis

Oil on Canvas | 23.62 x 23.62 in. - Cassis is about an hour and a half south east of us. And it’s magical...

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White Anemones II

Oil on Canvas | 48 x 36 in. - Painting flowers is not my favorite thing. But I do love the combination of blue and white...

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The Market in Colmars

Oil on Canvas | 31.75 x 23.5 in. - On the second day of our visit to Colmars, there was a market all over town...

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A Vineyard Near Cucuron

Oil on Canvas | 30 x 39.75 in. - There are vineyards all around us here in Provence. In fact, it is a delight to drive...

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I am bewitched by the beauty around me; I want to record it.

~Alice Williams

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Featured Paintings

Who are you

  • October 31 - 2019

Featured at the Alice's Colors Show in South Naples at Jett Thompson Home on November 13

Looking for Alice? She's state-side and you can see her at these November events!

Lavender Bliss

  • July 11 - 2019

Featured at Bastille Day Show in Atlanta at Huff Harrington on July 13th

This is a scene I enjoy daily during June living here in Provence. Lavender is certainly bewitching... so colorless up close and so vibrantly colorful in the distance, it is a joy to paint.

Les Peches de Provence

  • November 14 - 2018

Featured at the Vintage Now Modern, Greenville, SC Exhibit Nov 28th

The peaches in Provence are just flat dab delicious… as are all the fruits grown here. Seems every piece of fruit for sale in the markets are perfect. That includes pears, figs, mulberries, apples...

Paris Bistro

  • September 12 - 2018

Featured at Galerie Gavart, Paris Exhibition Sept 13-25

I don’t know how many there are but I do know the pulse of Paris can be felt in each of them. Those bistros are almost like a species unto themselves. I love painting them because they remind me of great moments...

Une Postcard of Coco's Terrace

  • June 22 - 2018

Featured at Huff Harrington Fine Art
Don't miss their annual Bastille Day show July 14th - 29th!

Years ago, I visited a good French friend, Coco, in her apartment in Hyeres, close to Toulon. While there I painted a vertical canvas of her living room looking out on her...

Cortona Impressions I

  • May 18 - 2018

The numerous times of painting in Crotona, Italy have been so rewarding to me. To paint on site and realize that there has been life and energy, centuries old, that have occupied the spaces you are painting. The beautiful and colorful rooftops, as you can imagine, captured me at first sight.

Pointe D'Esny

  • March 29 - 2018

Mauritius Island in February is mighty hot and humid, especially in the middle of the day when I wanted to paint.