I am bewitched by the beauty around me;
I want to record it.

~ Alice Williams

Alice Williams

Alice Williams paints, laughs, gardens, and lives with an ease and awakened wonder which infuse the very fibers of her canvas and inspire every stroke of her brush. Taking in an Alice Williams painting is a meditation; transporting, comforting, inspiring, and revealing. Luring one in ever more deeply with its color play and thoughtful composition, her rhythmic strokes delightfully blur the sharp edges of reality, and take the viewer into a lovely, timeless, secret world they never even knew they were missing.

There is no mistaking an Alice Williams painting. Post-impressionist in style for over 40 years, she makes it look easy, but that perfectly unfinished, relaxed precision is the result of a lifelong love affair with the arts and dedicated study with many of the great American artists of our time.

Current Exhibitions

Kenya Virtual Show

The Heart and Soul of Kenya Virtual Show – Running through the end of April.

The body of work in this Virtual Show represents many incredible memories and personal experiences I’ve had with the special animals and wonderful people in Kenya.

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Upcoming Painting Workshops

2022 Provence Painting Workshops

Registration is now open for the 2022 Painting Workshops with Alice in Provence, France!

We invite you to join oil painters from far and wide to dive into Alice’s Wonderland in Provence, France.

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Alice Williams Painting Workshops in St. Simons Island

Hosted by Anderson Fine Art, you won’t want to miss this study focusing on Impressionism, Chroma & Composition.

Event Dates: November 11 – 13, 2021

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