A Partnership Made in Art

Press Release Alice Williams, American Post-Impressionist artist, and Allison Hull, fine art specialist and artist agent, are excited to announce their strategic partnership and collaboration to grow Alice’s name and legacy.

Having worked together since 2015 through Hagan Fine Art in Charleston, SC, Alice and Allison have forged a lasting bond and friendship cultivated through their mutual passion for fine art. Working as the gallery director at Hagan, Allison was essential in the consignment, sales, and growth of Alice’s collector-base and demand by selling over 100 of Alice’s beautiful oil paintings.

“Alice feeds my love and passion for art history, particularly in the Post-Impressionist era, by creating her own style as homage to the artists of this genre. When I started this next step in my career it was a natural progression in our relationship to work together to help continue promoting Alice’s work and her legacy in art history. “

Alice’s career spans over 50 years of painting including studying portraiture under the two Russian brothers, Constantin and Roman Chatovs. After three years of studying portraiture, she applied the same techniques to painting interiors. It was then that Alice began a life long love of painting interiors inspired by the Post-Impressionist works of Bonnard, Vouillard, and Van Gogh. 

"I couldn't have chosen a better person to become my agent and help my vision for my art career. Allison has been such a great support of my work, not just by selling it for so many years but by cheering me on to create more."

Legacy Art Management, is a fine art consulting company owned by Allison Hull. Providing over 25 years of fine art archive management, sales, marketing, and logistics, Allison’s goal is to help the budding artist, the master artist, and everyone in between build and grow the business behind the artist.

For more information, visit www.LegacyArtMgt.com  

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