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Alice Williams paints, laughs, gardens, and lives with an ease and awakened wonder which infuse the very fibers of her canvas and inspire every stroke of her brush. Taking in an Alice Williams painting is a meditation; transporting, comforting, inspiring, and revealing. Luring one in ever more deeply with its color play and thoughtful composition, her rhythmic strokes delightfully blur the sharp edges of reality, and take the viewer into a lovely, timeless, secret world they never even knew they were missing.

There is no mistaking an Alice Williams painting. Post-impressionist in style for over 50 years, she makes it look easy, but that perfectly unfinished, relaxed precision is the result of a lifelong love affair with the arts and dedicated study with many of the great American artists of our time.

Also a master gardener, Alice began to apply what she had learned from painting garden scenes. “Grass is negative space, color is positive. I am still amazed and in wonder when I think about it.” Her passion and sheer joy for creating legendary gardens matches her love of painting. Always drawing inspiration from her surroundings, she took notice of the enchanting gardens of England when her husband, Don, was relocated there through his job with IBM for two and a half years in 1985. Alice’s homes and gardens have been the subjects of at least 14 articles in major publications.

Continuing their European adventure, the couple spent two and a half years in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, where Alice and Don fell in love with all things French — Provence in particular. In 2012, they rented a home in a village nearby their dear friends in Aix, and after three years bought an old farmhouse built in 1823. The majestic surroundings are reflected in her work: sprawling lavender fields, old chateaux and farmhouses, olive groves, and the occasional French interior currently dominate her subject matter. They now consider France home and spend as much time as possible in their little hamlet of Lourmarin. They have never looked back.

Whether you’re stepping into Alice’s world through a landscape or figure; the rooftops of Provence or African savanna; the gondolas of Venezia or a cozy French kitchen, you will find yourself suspended between fantasy and reality; between the foreign and the familiar, like the space between the inhale and the exhale. It is something rarely captured, like a snapshot taken in the dream of a brilliant mind that has remained creatively free in spite of its reasoning and intellect. Magnificent yet approachable, the works of this living master of post-impressionism are a treasure to behold in real time, and will live on to be studied, emulated, and adored for many years to come.

“I am bewitched by the beauty around me; I want to record it.”


  • 1992 Nelson Shank
    (Portraiture) Atlanta, GA
  • 1988 – 1989 Cyril Hicks
    (Figurative Sculpture) Paris, France
  • 1984 Stanislov Rembski
    (Portraiture) Baltimore, MD
  • 1980 – 1984 Constantine Chatov
    (Portraiture and Figure) Atlanta, GA
  • 1982 Albert Handell
    (Pastel) Atlanta, GA
  • 1981 Al Tiegreen
    (Oil) Atlanta, GA
  • 1980 Spencer Johnson, AIA,
    (Pen and Ink Technique) Dallas, TX
  • 1980 Al Brouillette, AWS
    (Watercolor and Glazing) Arlington, TX

As far as education is concerned, Alice believes if you want to be the best you must study from the best. “I have been extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity of studying from some of the very best artists in the U.S. today,” says Alice.

“As a young student, I was very hungry for good art instruction. It was important to me that I strive to be the best I could possibly be. So I sought out all artists that truly inspired me.” Constantine Chatov once said to her, “It is not where you study, but who you study from; that is the most important thing”. She feels whomever you chose to take lessons from should really excite and impassion you.

Alice fervently believes in the concept of paying forward. “Because of my good fortune and opportunities as an art student, I now feel obligated to give back in return. I want to pass the excellent concepts and knowledge of what I have learned to others. I cannot teach without generously giving the best I can offer.”

In 1992 she began offering workshops and classes.

Collections & Exhibitions

Public Collections

Musee Saint Maxime, Saint Maxime, France

Bank South, Atlanta, GA

Palmetto Bank, Greenville, SC Carolina

First Bank, Greenville, SC

Erskine College, Due West, SC

King and Spalding Attorneys at Law, Atlanta, GA

South Carolina National Bank, Lancaster, SC

Lord Corporation, Cary, NC


Museum Collections

Musee Saint Maxime, Saint Maxime, France

Cummer Museum, Jacksonville, FL


2017 – 2022 Hagan Fine Art, Charleston, SC
2021 Anderson Fine Art Gallery, St. Simons Island, GA
2019 The Beacham Art Series, Atlanta, GA
2019 Jett Thompson HOME, Naples, FL
2018, 2019 Huff Harrington Fine Art, Atlanta, GA
2018 Galerie Gavart, Paris, France
2018 Vintage Now Modern, Greenville, NC
2018 Les Iscles Marquises Exposition, Provence, France
2018 Madison Cultural Center, Madison, GA
2018 Chastain Horse Park, Atlanta, GA
2016 R Alexander Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2015 Cutter & Cutter, St Augustine, FL
2013 Musee de Saint Maxime, Provence, France
2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 Catherine Kelleghan Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2006, 2003 Anne Irwin Fine Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2006, 2004 Lyons View Gallery, Knoxville, TN
2009, 2007, 2005 Meghan Candler Gallery, Vero Beach, FL
2004 Art in the Garden Show (Alice’s home and garden), Atlanta, GA
2001, 1999, 1997 Bennett Street Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2006, 2003, 2000 Irene Morrah Fine Arts, Greenville, SC
1999, 1996, 1993 Irene Morrah Fine Arts, Greenville, SC
1992, 1989 Irene Morrah Fine Arts, Greenville, SC
2003, 2002 Multiple Artists Exhibition, Quinlin Art Center, Gainesville, GA
1998 Feature Artist and Speaker, Cummer Museum, Jacksonville, FL
1994, 1995 Avery Fine Framing and Art, Atlanta, GA
1994 Karen Carr Fine Art, Jacksonville, FL
1993 Paintings Done While in Africa, Phillip Osborne, Atlanta, GA
1992 The Bascom-Louise Gallery, Highlands, NC
1992 Thomasville Cultural Center, Thomasville, GA
1990, 1984 Lagerquist Gallery, Atlanta, GA
1990, 1984 Art Ventures International, Charlotte, NC
1985 Rachel McKaughan, Greenville, SC

Juried Exhibitions

2018, 2017 L’Exposition d’Art du Castellet, Provence, France
1994 Brenau National Invitational Gala, Gainesville, GA
1993 The Atlanta City Club, Atlanta, GA
1992 Portrait Society of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA
1992 Havens Gallery, Columbia, SC
1992 The Gertrude Herbert Institute of Fine Art, Augusta, GA
1992 Portrait Society of Atlanta, Gainesville, GA
1988 Royal Marsdon Hospital, London, England
1984 Portrait Club, Aronson Gallery, Atlanta, GA
1982 Atlanta Artists Club, Atlanta, GA
1979-1980 Southwestern Watercolor Society, Dallas, TX

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