Dusk in Santorini

In September of 2014 Don and I took our first (and last) cruise. We were to board in Venice at the height of the summer season, and booked ourselves into a very nice hotel the night prior to enjoy a good dinner and walk through the streets. The next morning, we discovered it was the same weekend as George Clooney’s wedding!

This particular cruise included visits to Turkey, Croatia and Greece. Visiting Ephesus, a thriving city in Cleopatra’s time, was one of the highlights for us. The second was Santorini. I had painted Santorini many times in the past from photos but never from life. The blue Adriatic Sea and white washed houses with their intense blue domes were ‘off the charts’ magnificent! We walked the streets, drank the wine and feasted on the local cuisine. With the sun setting in the distance, all the colors became beautiful pastels and inspired this painting.

More about this painting.

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