Latest Garden Commission – Provence

Several months ago, I was hired by a charming Irish couple newly arrived in Lourmarin to design their garden. They had seen our garden here and liked it. And as they don’t live here in Provence year around, I was asked not only to design it but implement it.

It’s a small garden right on the “principle rue” of Lourmarin. The image above is that of the bistros in the main section of the village, very close to their house. (Our “second daughter”, Nichole, and her husband Bret are enjoying a meal). They were able to get permission from the village mayor to build a basin but not a swimming pool. The difference being that a basin sits above the ground whereas a swimming pool is totally in the ground. Whatever, it is charming with a beautiful fountain at one end.

As the owners have young children, they wanted lots of grass around the pool. And so there was limited space for other things but still important as all could be readily seen from the house.

I must say I had a ball. I put in all my favorite flowers and plants that do so well here… lavender, rosemary, sage, euphorbia, lamb’s ear, boxwood, iris, wisteria, jasmine. And then there are some evergreen shrubs that love this alkaline soil…Laurie Tin, Laurie Fleur (called Oleander in the US) and Laurie Sauce (Bay leaf shrub!) and, of course, what would a garden in Provence be if you don’t include a cypress. Then we chose a Crepe Myrtle for the only tree which will be blooming in August when they will be here.

We finished today (Nov 2016). And, even without the grass yet planted it looked good. But just wait until next summer…

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