Oh… to live in Provence

This was my dream.

Having visited our good friend, Caline de Gasquet, in Aix en Provence for many years, every time I was there, I wanted to stay. My mantra to my husband Don was, ”Why do we live in Atlanta, Georgia? Tell me why?” When we could live where the sunlight is strong and shines a lot, where the air is clear and dry, where the food is beyond delicious, and French… fresh and grown locally, where the architecture is old and oh, so paintable, where the pace of life is slower and seemingly more genuine.

Well, I said this enough that, finally, in August of 2011, he said, “Ok, why not?” So, in March of 2012, we packed up nine suitcases, and two carry-ons, the cats, Ellie Belly and Priscilla, and did it. We moved to Provence!

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