A Painting Within a Painting

Oil on canvas

51.57×38.58 in.

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When we renovated our Mas we placed a small bedroom next to my studio and, as it had only a very small window, we installed a very large antique window between the bedroom and my studio. Besides giving the bedroom more light, one of the reasons I designed it that way was so I could paint interiors of a tousled bed from my studio and, also, models lying on the bed. It has been the subject of several paintings so far as I am fascinated by the soft warm and cool hues of white sheets created from a cozy bedroom lamp.

All my life I have been obsessed by light… what it does to the most mundane of subjects. And even the most exquisite. Seems now I am forever attracted to subject matter where light, whether it be from the sun or from a lamp, shapes, molds and makes beauty on the subject.

But there is more to this story! In this inner bedroom hangs a painting of a girl with a rose colored background. Which kinda didn’t go with all that blue. But I had a painting for sale that did… a semi-nude with the same luscious colors of blue and green. So, in this interior, I added the little windows above the big opening (and also the fan over the bed) and painted the nude into the big painting. Great fun.

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A Painting Within a Painting

by Alice Williams

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