Dordogne Remembrance

Oil on canvas

11.75×11.75 in.

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One of our favorite provinces in France is the Dordogne. When we would tell our French friends that we were traveling to the Dordogne, they would say, “ahh, the Dordogne”, as if very impressed that we knew about it, much less, wanting to visit. And, no wonder… as it is mind blowingly beautiful, replete with the charming villages, incredible vistas, the grand, majestic River Dordogne and its Chateaux.

One of my favorite villages whose rooftops captured me is Saint-Cirq-Lapopie. Oh, how I love those rooftops to this day. Their jusqu’a position is so paintable and their composition and colors make for a great rendition. I have painted this scene numerous times.

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Dordogne Remembrance

by Alice Williams

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