Early Spring

Oil on canvas

19.2 x 23.6 in. (49 x 60 cm.)


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I am wild about irises. Always have been. I love them even when they are not blooming as they add such good structure to a garden bed. When we left our last garden in Lauris two years ago, there were gobs of them…most so crowded that they were blooming less and less.

So I decided to take alot…and I mean alot! … to our new garden in Ansouis. It was August and the heat was intense and I had them all stored underneath our allee of oak trees. Little did I know that it would be almost a year before I had the time to plant them. Well, the leaves fell and the shade didn’t do them much good. So I lost many. Dommage! But I managed to save enough and they spread, you know!

Gardeners are such optimists!

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Early Spring

by Alice Williams

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