Kentucky Derby Inspiration

Oil on canvas

18.8 x 39 in. (47.6 x 99 cm.)


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Horses are one of my favorite subjects. Although afraid of them in real life, I love to paint them… their movement, their muscles, their line. And especially the color of the jockeys outfits: bold orange with lime green, red with blue stripes, dark green and white… I revel in the colors.

I’m particularly fond of painting horse races because of the grace, lines and speed of these majestic animals and, of course, the colorful clothing of the jockeys … I revel in the colors.

Working for IBM at the time, Don won a sales contest in 1975 and the prize was a 3-day trip to Louisville, Kentucky to visit horse ranches and also attend the Kentucky Derby! What an experience. Seats on the finish line were very impressive for two people who had never been to a horse race! And the whole experience Inspired me, no end. Actually I think this experience started a whole slew of horse paintings. This artist just loves the bright colors the horse jockeys wear.

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Kentucky Derby Inspiration

by Alice Williams

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