Lavender Field Near Bonnieux

Oil on canvas

31.5 x 39.4 in. (80 x 100 cm.)


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A bewitching sight here in Provence in the month of June, lavender fields bring people from all over the world to gaze at their beauty.
There is absolutely nothing to compare to them in full bloom…the color up close is rather gray, but from a distance so intensely beautiful you want to come back for more.

Living in the Luberon valley where there is a plethora of vineyards and olive groves there is not a lot of Lavender, as it likes the higher altitudes. But it is only a short 20 minute drive up through a gap in the mountains and there are lavender fields a plenty.
I must say that they are not the easiest thing to paint. As, up close, the color of the bloom is mostly gray. But as your eyes travel up to the horizon the lavender in the distance grows shockingly purple. The incredible purple that brings people from all over the world to gaze and appreciate.

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Lavender Field Near Bonnieux

by Alice Williams

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