Le Vase Magique de Caline

Oil on canvas

24 x 18 in. (61 x 45.7 cm.)


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I spent four days painting at Caline’s. Great intense fun, great studio… Caline, her sister, Olivia and I held up in her studio and painted all day. Four blissful days.

Pas de repassage (no ironing), pas de jardinage (no gardening), pas de changement du lave-vaisselle (no loading the dishwasher)… just creative energy dominated the days. What bliss!

And when I walked in her studio, my eyes lit on a vase she had created, filled with old palm fronds painted on the island of Mauritius last winter. I was bewitched by them and the vase. Caline’s creativity at her best.

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Le Vase Magique de Caline

by Alice Williams

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