Ma Salle à Manger Rouge

Oil on canvas

34.75 x 45 in. (88.3 x 114.3 cm.)


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I love the color red. It compliments anything you put near it and makes every painting I’ve ever attempted, zing.
It also creates a great atmosphere for dining. For thirty years, our dining room on Riverview Road in Atlanta was a beautiful watermelon red. And I never wanted to change it.

There’s something cozy, warm and enveloping about dining in a red room. And, because of the charm of that red, our dining room has been the subject of many of my paintings.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have your favorite lamp on a bright white table cloth for contrast, or a bunch of red apples and your favorite dishes on the table. A table put to good use, lived around, busy with daily life. Having said that, it brings to mind Vuillard and Bonnard paintings and the daily activities depicted. Fascinating and compelling to me and so much more interesting than an empty room.

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Ma Salle à Manger Rouge

by Alice Williams

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