Windy Evening on Cours Mirabeau

Oil on linen

25×32 in.

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In France, Aix is known as the Paris of the South. And with good reason. It has several universities, great shopping, wonderful and numerous restaurants, a great many museums and a new state of the art symphony hall.

It is only 35 minutes from us so we go often: to buy art supplies, to partake of several of our favorite restaurants, to see art exhibitions… the last being Camoins. Fabulous paintings, very Cezanne like and, no wonder, as he was a close friend of Cezanne. At the same time, there was a great exhibition of JWM Turner. Two excellent exhibits in one visit.

This painting depicts Aix at its best… Cours Mirabeau is the main street of Aix, with no cars and plenty of sidewalks to shop and stroll and eat at its wonderful and varied restaurants. I never tire of painting scenes of the many nooks and squares in Aix En Provence. I do love Aix.

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Windy Evening on Cours Mirabeau

by Alice Williams

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